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____The World_____ Current Arc lord of Magica is the Arcana lord Ferverous. He his nearing his two-thousandth birthday. This world has six months each of those months represents a season.

___The Seasons

Fervesco- The season of heat and the season of the flame. The world was born in the flame, thus beings of flame have a spiritual connection with the Earth. Fire elementals are know as some of the wisest creatures in all of Magica, though THEY call the planet they live on “Flamma” for they believe that there is no power more true to the earth as the flame is. Creatures of flame are the only ones who call this planet something other than “Magica” During this season, you can imagine that it became very hot all around the world. It shares Nex and Ventus as neighbors in the seasons so there is a sense of rebirth in this month. People fall and die in the month of Nex, are purified by the flame and their soul is then lifted away by the wind. Sometimes in this month the heat is so intense, that city’s made of wood simply burst into flame.

Ventus- The season of the great wind. Most people of Magica enjoy this season for it cools down the blistering heat. As with any season there are extremes… occasionally there will be wind storms great enough to wipe entire cities off of the map, but winds like this have not occurred in a few hundred years. Though the winds can become strong, because the Arc lord being the avatar of Arcana, the winds are usually very pleasant and rarely is there a time where people can manage through the weather. Ventus is usually the greatest month for farming trading and just generally going outside and being alive. Ventus is a month filled with sun, pleasure and life.

Nimbus- Another favored season, the season of rain. Most people on Arcana love the rain, it means a great amount of food, trading, and its also the month of the great Nimbus feast. Usually people work the first half of Nimbus prepare for the 30th where all races enjoy the universal holiday of feasting. Sense the beginning of the first age, there have been no large battles fought on this day, entire armies will halt their attack to enjoy a day of feasting, sometimes their foe will provide the food! It is considered a great and unforgivable sin by all the gods to shed the blood of Magica creatures (humanoids or intelligent beings.) The holiday is usually enjoyed in the buildings of Mag (Mag in this world is a general term for all Magica beings) or under tents, for the rain is usually quite heavy on the 30th. It is also punishable by torture AND death in most societies to force a employee to work on the day of Nimbus feast, though most people help with the preparation of the feast. Though there are occasionally floods and other rain caused disasters in this month, the gods seem to force a hand out every year to make sure that the Nimbus feast is enjoyed by all. One of the absolute worst parts of the season of nimbus… is the knowledge that Frigo is near by.

Frigo- The month of the biting cold. In some places of the world, Frigo simply means cooler weather and the hint to put on a sweater. In other parts of the world, it becomes truly miserable. This month really doesn’t need much more explanation than that.

Arcana- The month of the mystic force that still can not truly be defined: Magic. Arcana is the strangest month by far, and because of the current Arc lord, the most powerful weather wise around. The sky will sometimes show a deep and dark purple, and the next day… or even next minute will turn into a bright green. Sometimes showers of swirling energy will fall to the ground causing all sorts of strange things to happen. Sometimes if you touch the energy, you will be empowered with a burst of supernatural energy. Other times, you may explode into meaty chunks… but that happens only on really heavy and terrible Arcana storms… and the energy feels and looks violent. Wizards naturally love this month. They become slightly more powerful as they draw the magica to themselves. This is usually the time of year where you don’t fuck with wizards… even if YOU are a wizard. Strange things may happen in this month, but normally what the common man notices is a changing sky, electrical storms, and some of the most beautiful and unpredictable weather you can ever witness.

Nex- The month of death. Naturally most people hate this month. Nex is mysterious… but more people die on this month than all the other months combined… in most cases. Sometimes the month of Nex can mean war, or a plague, or the ash storms. The ash storms suck the air out of the area around you and replace it with ash. You choke to death on ash… and it happens every Nex. Though the Raven Queen and her followers like this month, it balances out the numbers of Mag’s in the world and keeps life for the other months easier to manage. This is also the month of the undead empowerment. The dead have a great surge of power during this month as green showers of necrotic energy floods around them. They don’t just gain power in physical strength, but they come close to human intelligence making them horribly deadly.

___The General knowledge of the World

Outside the city, most other races have cities to themselves. The Elves have the City of Eladrin, the Halflings enjoy their homes in the hills of Hillshire, and Humans have the City of Grennich. Those are the three largest living areas by the three races, I suppose you could also count Orcs and their city of Grog… but most people stay away from there, and Orcs don’t readily welcome guests as the other cities do. The world is massive in size, and while the Middle content is almost as large as the planet Earth’s continents by itself, there are still many more continents that have been un explored by most Magica creatures. They say that beyond the middle continent is a society filled with Dragons, and there is a city that would make even Sanctuary city tremble in awe of its massive size. A City made by Dragons. But this is only a rumor, and this rumor as been both confirmed and denied by Dragon kind on the middle continent.

The center of the Middle Continent is a massive Desert, at the VERY core of the continent lies the magma wastes where most of the fire elementals live. Most Magica races live far away from this area, for there is usually no water to be found for hundreds of miles. On the coasts of Middle Magica you can find many different kinds of Habitats. In fact, most Major cities including Sanctuary city is located on (or near) the coast. This makes naval fleets incredibly important. Its a large power source in the economy to control the sea.

Humans- They are quite popular in the World of Magica, more so than any other being on this planet. Elfs do have quite a close second with Orcs not far behind them. Humans and Elf’s relationship varies depending on the leader they march under. Some Humans embrace the banner of the Eladrin, others ready their bows at the sight of it. Human’s and Elfs go to war with their own kind from time to time, so its not fair to generalize their relationship. Humans are experts at craftsmanship when it comes to buildings. There is no Elf, Halfling or any other Magica race that can compare with some of the better structures Humans have made. Elfs have indeed more skill in making the buildings look more appealing and build around the Forest rather than tear it down… but Human cities can hold their own much better when under fire. Humans also guard within the city of Grennich the most well guarded and deadly knowledge that any man can dare dream to get a hold of.

Elfs- They are keepers of the secrets of the forest and masters of all things magical. There can be no greater Wizard than the Eladrin Wizard, other than of course the Arc lord himself. Elf’s have many cities to call their own, the Sanctuary for all Elfs (other than Sanctuary City) is the city of Eladrin. All Elf’s of all banners are welcome there, as are most Humans and all Halflings. There can be no greater weapon smith than an Elf, that is if you want a light and swift blade that cuts through the air as a fish does through water. Humans have their own fighting styles and sometimes prefer the large claymores over Elvin made swords.

____The Under City___ For almost as long as Sanctuary City has been build, there has been an Under City. Few actually know about this city under Sanctuary, but there is a large community of people who live there. They are somewhat grotesque looking, for they get their live energy from the sewers. They sap the unused energy from the body waste of the up-worlders. Naturally they smell horrible, but their hearts are kind, and you can’t really smell them down in the sewers anyway… everything smells like shit. The creatures who live down here used to be Halfling’s and they now look closer to goblins without the sharp teeth. They are part of a tree of Halflings who were banished long ago when the 5th age began after one of their kind in the clan tried to steel the artifact of Flawflu, the staff of the great shaman of the first age. The Halflings are quite happy down in the sewers now, and they have quite a large city build out of tossed away scraps from the up-world. Though its not fair to call them Halflings any longer, they abandoned that name long ago. They are now known as “Droplings.” A crude, yet accurate name for them, and because Droplings have a great sense of humor, they rather like the name and poke fun at themselves quite often. Though they do have decent meals that to a normal Human would seem somewhat gross, but still are able to scarf down the food with little chance of becoming sick after the consumption. Nobody knows the sewer system better than the Droplings for it is all they know.

The Bile Lich lord. He is a strange character that was created in the sewers of Sanctuary. _Back story He was once human and was drowned in the horrible sewer waters by the more corrupt city guard for being a devout supporter of the Raven Queen. He was very slowly killed however, though his fate did end up being drowned, he was first chained up to the walls near the center where all the sewage collects. He could hardly sleep and almost dissolved his throat with his constant throwing up because of the horrid smell. The sewage got up to its peek in height before the auto drains cast the bile into the orb of relocation. He drowned in a swirling pool of sewage and was cast down to the bottom near the great orb. His corpse lay there for over 300 years and during the last month of nex he regained some consciousness, and was further tortured by being slightly alive breathing the think sewage into his decomposed body. He could still remember the smell and the rage he felt. During that arcana season, he gained a power of necrotic magic, and the power to control the sewage to his will, and even raise the cast down corpses in the system. He now wishes revenge on the city that so cruelly sentenced his just for his beliefs. Bilerok personality He has an angry personality. He is not cocky, nor does he ever smile. He still has vomit dripping down from his mouth that will seem to fall until his rest. His voice he gargled and he gag’s and coughs quite a bit and you will also hear him throw up every now and again as a larger amount of sewage pours from his mouth. He is in a sick rage and begs to be put to rest or gain his revenge upon the city. He still has some of his flesh hooked on to his bones. It seems that even after 300 years, his flesh was not fully melted away. He has nothing but hatred for anybody who stands in his way. He wants the city to be filled up with the same stench he was forced to drown in.

He may also explain how even if you are able to sleep in the sewers, you are never able to dream. The energy of the bile steels away and hope of dreams which is why the droplings are such a strange breed of creatures who like him, never laugh. The sewer of Sanctuary is an evil place, and no man or beast should be cast down here unless the man acts more ruthless than any beast could ever dream to act. Because he is somewhat unable to yell, he sounds full of sorrow at times, when this sorrow is usually mistaken for absolute and pure rage.

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