Sanctuary City The Month of Frigo the 5th age (age of Arcana) Its known throughout Magica as the city of rebirth. Although its name suggests that your “rebirth” would be a holy and pure one, the city’s name is just a politicians promotion that refuses to meet the truth. This city has a great deal of corruption.

And how can it not? It is a city for people of all races to gather and immigrate to. The city is welcome to most any Mag. During the Frigo however, trade usually slows down. This is a city composed of two islands and a side chunk of the mid continent. The city is massive in size, its the largest city in all the world, and with its population you can understand why. In Sanctuary city you can find almost any Magica race living inside it. This city is also its own nation. It has a Royal guard and militia, and a Navy to defend itself and its a economic headquarters. because so many races live in the city, there are a great many goods that are traded inside the city.

The city does have its poor areas, most people live in apartments and pay rent, while other more wealthy live in the Royal quarter of the city in small houses or if they are really loaded, they live in the Royal palace. Its a city were you can get rich just as fast as you can go completely broke. It takes skills, street smarts and a bit of luck to survive these streets.

Sanctuary City

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