Sanctuary City

The Undercity

_____The Adventure As you descend into the sewers looking at the dirtied map the Dwarfs handed you, you notice that the air gets slightly more foul the further you descend. You soon find out that the map the Dwarfs gave you is outdated, the sewer system has been changed quite a long time ago. You are now lost within the sewers, and it is almost pitch black. You continue down to find an end to the spiral pattern, as it turns into a large room, the sewage is pooling up in the middle of the room where there seems to be a slightly clogged drain. In the room, you see six lights, each a different color. You also find a tablet reading

Out of fire the infant is born molten hot with rage Wind then to cool the child and shape the child’s form Rain falls to help it grow, the boy stands and learns to fight Chill then covers the land, shields of ice make the man avoid harm Mystic air then shocks the earth, the elder becomes a thinking force Death then to calm the world The Cycle begins again.

You find that the source of the six lights is a symbol of each of the seasons. ___Once the puzzle is solved______ The center of the room opens up and you hear the sewage flow down into a lower room. The filthy water turns into a spiral, and at this time water jets out from all sides of the room where great slits along the wall were noticeable. The clear water pushes you down into the spiral of sewage as you go down the dark drain hole. You fall unconscious as you drift away into the black abyss.

You wake up to find yourself in a large dark room with only dim runic blue writings on the wall to light the room. You stand up to find yourself remarkably clean, and look up only to find and almost never ending amount of runic symbols going up until you see nothing but blackness. It seems you have fallen down a long way. There is a hallway that leads forward out of the room, this is the only way out. As soon as you leave the room, a great wall of black fire bursts up from the ground to block your way. ____Boss, Ghost of the Elder Black Dragon____ You hear a furious roar of pure rage. Your attention is Drawn up to a swirling black figure that is visible only because the runic writing on the walls is growing to an intense brightness. You now see that the black figure seems to be made out of black flame with bright red flaming eyes streaking across the room descending quickly until it crashes to the ground like a torrent of water crashing onto the deck of a ship. The flames form into a great black Dragon in a ghostly flickering form that seems to be eternally aflame. He lets out one more roar that shakes the room and causes rubble to fall to the ground. He twists around and looks at you with his flaming red eyes as what looks like saliva drips from his mouth, yet before it can reach the floor, the saliva flickers away like a dying flame. The Dragon takes a deep breath that sucks the air from around you almost pulling you in. If the Hero’s have a spot of trouble with the Dragon. You see the blue runes written on the wall melt down into the center of the floor until they pool together to show the symbols of the five seasons. Because two of them are being stood on, those two light up quite brightly. If they all are stood on, then a swirling beam of bright multi-colored energy hits the Dragon in the face causing his form to turn into nothing but a black flame for one turn, the Dragon will not be able to act on this turn.

VICTORY!!! The Dragon lets out a scream as the black fiery figure starts to loose the licking flames that make up its body, the flames turn into a liquid goo as the dragon starts to melt to the floor screaming as it sinks down until there is nothing left but a large pile of black goo. Out of the goo a white ghostly figure pops out and laughs in pure joy filling the room with a feeling of warmth and hope. You hear a deep voice “Thank Youuuuu…. ” You look down to find the black goo melt into the ground and disappear and revel glints of gold and silver on the floor. The flame blocking the door dissipates and the Runes on the walls form into 6 lamps that light the room, and more lamps are formed down the hallway.

The Hero’s gained the weapon of Famalhut, the great gun of the 5th age. They trade to to some strange creatures they find called “droplings” Where they have a city made out of scrap metal and sewage.



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