Sanctuary City

The nocturnal city

The Nocturnal city Adventure #1

You hear a heavy pound on a metal door. (Russian American accent) “Oi wake up you bunch of lazy bastards! We arrived at the city about ten minutes ago get the fuck outta here so we can bring in our new guests.” You wake up to find yourself looking at a metal ceiling, or a metal bunk frame depending on your position. You’ve been on the boat to Sanctuary City for a few days, the exact time depends on where you got on the boat.

The city of rebirth is what they call it, you hope to find a new beginning in the walls of sanctuary city, were all races are welcome as long as they have cash or are willing to work. The captain unlocks your door and motions you along with the sea of people walking along the hallways of the boat. “Come on your wasting money here” You only have a quick moment to gather your things before your forced into the crowd toward the exit of the boat. Around you, you see a large number of strange creatures your not familiar with. But from tales you’ve herd about Sanctuary city, this is normal, and you’ll be dealing with almost every Magica race you’ve ever herd of. You hear a number of strange languages, it all sounds like mixed jibber jabber. Most popular on the boat are Elves. They are a troubled race, they are at war with their own kind. You can understand why they would want to start a new life.

Your lined up and told to wait for your ID for the city. Your ID will allow you to move anywhere in the City without the harassment of the guards. Your also to get skin id’s implanted onto you. It is required to enter the city.

A old fat Half Orc sniffs and stares at each of you in turn. She looks at the first in line. Name? Race? Sex? God of worship? What’s your business in the city? EK2012, EK2013 and so on. After you get your numbers cut into your skin (the Kobold gets his number under his scales in a soft spot under his arm) then you move to get your Photo taken by a very droll and unmotivated mage and you are handed your ID. From there you are escorted outside of the building where many people are calling for cab’s. You see many Horses run up and down a cobblestone street off toward a bridge. From Here, the choice is yours on where to go.

From here the adventurers took a cab to the local tavern to find a place to stay for the night. There they found a Orc leading a small gang of Kobolds in harassing the tavern goers. The Orc known only as “Boss” asked Fawlks to join his gang of Kobolds so they can have more fun bashing in some heads. Fawlks refused and this angered the Orc, he attacked. At this moment a gray skinned Half Orc known as Keigan Swiftfist jumped into battle attacking the Orc who was about to head butt the Human known as Slogar. Sadly his blow missed, and the Orc got in a strong head butt on Slogar. Though this only slightly Dazed the Human, and he and his allies slew the Orc. The Other Kobolds where now leaderless. Slogar convinced the kobolds that more fighting would accomplish nothing and the kobolds decided to leave “The Dusty Pail.”

The Hero’s then slumbered in the tavern and while they rested, the males of the group were pit pocketed by a thief of elven decent. The Tavern master decided that because they helped out with the Orc the previous night, he would help out and give them some gold. They then went off to find work, of all places in the sewers. Some Dwarfs were all to eager to get the strangers some work. They told them the the Orb that transported the sewage in the city to another plain of existence was fouled up by some evil and strange monster, and his minions were crawling around in the sewers. Soon the entire city would be filled with crap if somebody doesn’t help. So the Dwarfs decided to pay the hero’s 100 gold a piece for fixing the Orb and killing the monster responsible.



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