Sanctuary City

Fawkes' Journal Entry #1

Um, hello. My name is Fawkes, and I’m kobold. Fawkes is 14 season-cycles old and used to live in volcano with rest of tribe, but not anymore. Not sure why Fawkes is keeping journal now. Didn’t seem that important when I was home, but now in what is called ‘City of Rebirth’, seems appro…um, right. Also good chance to practice writing Common. Maybe someday, people want to know about adventures of kobold trying to find way in world.

Came here with Boss Slogar Steeltalon after big fight with orc war party. Me and Boss were only ones left of mercenary group as far as Fawkes could see. Boss propose that we go to Sanctuary City to find work. Me not sure if such a good idea, but don’t have any better ones. Fawkes has never been to ‘city’ before, but is where lots of people go to live, big and small. Maybe meet other kobolds there, but me never hear of other kobolds away from home. But, me never been away from home for so long, so what me know?

We walk long time. Not sure how long, just pass by in big blur of walking until we get to ferry. Not walk so good when so cold, though. We ride ferry long time, which big blur of rocking and empty stomach over side of boat. At least not so bad at riding boat when cold.

We arrive at city after losing pickled fish lunch many times. Captain was not very nice. We get pushed out to the dock, where there so many different people, it make head spin. Half-Orc lady seem not to notice me at first. Fawkes not that small! Then they put barcode in uncomfortable place. Not sure why. No one will ever see it there under armor or clothes. Then they take picture and they give me card with picture of me on it, but Fawkes’ scales aren’t that green. Boss order a carriage to get to tavern, and we share with nice human lady named Lucy.

We get to tavern called “Dusty Pail”, which odd because it not look like a pail, but was very dusty. and there were other kobolds there. At first, me excited, but they seemed to follow a not-so-nice orc they call Boss. That not fair. I called Boss Boss first. Boss orc ask me to join his gang, but me not have such good experiences with orcs, so I say no. Boss orc get angry, and maybe drink too much ale that night, so attacked Boss. Just then, robed Half-Orc from boat and dock name Keigan entered and attack the Boss orc, but need work on landing attack. Boss took a nasty hit to the head, but seemed okay. Lucy shoot bad Boss orc in neck with crossbow and kill him. Was very nice shot. Other kobolds seem angry that they not have Boss orc no more, but Boss good leader and convince other kobolds to leave in peace. That good. Not sure me would have liked to kill kobolds like that.

Innkeeper seemed happy that we killed the orc, so let us stay for cheap. Which good, because Fawkes had no money. Me wish could buy some bitterleaf oil for scales, but no gold. Me, Boss, and Keigan all sleep in same room. Lucy sleep in separate room. Big people females seem to like their privacy. Me not so used to it just yet. In the morning, Boss and Keigan wake to find their gold was stolen. That not good, but was good that me had no gold. What not so good was that thief took rations, too. Boss and Keigan look around and find hair from elf, so elf maybe take our things. Lucy not stolen from. Guess elf thief had manners. Boss go downstairs and complain to innkeeper. Innkeeper give Boss some gold for helping last night with Boss orc. Then we off to find work. After walking a bit in cold, we smell something bad. A group of dwarves were standing around hole in ground, which where smell seemed to be coming from. They seemed glad to see us, and ask us to help with problem in sewer. They give everyone in group funny mask and boots. Of course, me not know anything about boots, and besides, they no fit me anyway. Neither did mask. We go down into hole, with me on Boss’s shoulders, because otherwise me would be up to waist in smelly gunk. Lucy didn’t seem to like this work, so climbed back up and left. We make way down tunnel following map when another person come down behind us. This one look like wolf, but also human. I not remember name now, so just call him Wolf-Man.

We come to big room with strange glowing symbols on walls. Boss read tablet on wall which give instructions. Me not sure what happen in that room, other than just pressing buttons on walls until something happened. Lots of clean water come in from slots in ceiling and wash us down hole in middle of room. We end up somewhere strange, where lots of symbols like ones above but all glowing blue. It also not smelly or dirty. We try to leave, but something scary pop out. It look like dragon, but not all there. There was big fight, and not sure what happened other than me screaming loudly while swinging sword because voice in head said so. Dragon-ghost thing eventually melted away. Me wonder if all dragons not all there like that, or if there dragons all there like that, too. Dragon-ghost leave behind funny metal stick, bag of black powder, and little round balls. Boss give me powder to hold.

We leave scary room and end up somewhere smelly and dirty again. Up ahead was wall with little green men on it making fire with funny metal sticks like one we just got and making zombie-looking things outside gate in wall explode. Soon all zombie things were gone, so we go up to gate and Boss announce our arrival. Little green men seem happy to see us and lower bridge to let us in. Inside was entire city made of stuff like from trash heap. We talk to green men, and they call themselves ‘Droplings’. Fawkes think that name sound funny, but me not judge. People think kobolds all dirty little rats, but I try to prove them wrong. Who me to judge them? Boss give them funny metal stick we find since they seemed interested in it, and right now me resting with Boss, Keigan and Wolf-Man in place Droplings call Undercity. Sure are lots of different cities. We see what next day brings.



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